NZ, Vote Climate 2020.

The importance of building momentum behind a vision of climate justice has never been so clear, when we only have three election cycles left to take the necessary action to halve our greenhouse gas emissions. What does or doesn’t happen in the next 10 years will determine the future of the next generation and our votes can influence this for the better.


Together, we have an opportunity to build momentum behind climate change as an election issue nationally, behind a collective vision for a more beautiful Aotearoa. We also have the ability to elect climate leaders locally and to connect with others in our communities who also want to ensure this happens, for the sake of this one planet that we call home and our future generations.


On the 10 Fridays in the lead up to the election, we will be holding events in as many places around the country as possible to grow momentum around the need to Vote Climate 2020 – we need your help to do this!

Some communities will do less than the 10 Friday’s, this is totally up to you how many you join the movement for.It’s also up to you how you’d like these events to look – they could be candidate Q&A meetings, rallies, a night market, public gatherings, a sit-in, a tree planting afternoon etc.

The Vote Climate 2020 Facebook, Instagram and website (stay tuned) are platforms for these events to be shared.

We have also created a space for all of the community organisers to connect up with one another and share ideas and tactics.


Email voteclimate2020nz@gmail.com or message us on social media!

Youth, adults, grandparents, people of any age are welcome to join us – we know that climate change is an issue which concerns each and every one of us as we share this planet so intergenerational solidarity is key.

We look forward to having you join the network!

Join the team…

We will be in touch very soon!